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This page calculates and displays elapse times at various mile or km marks for a given distance and goal time. The list is formatted to be worn as a wristband during the run or ride. I use it for my marathons and triathlons.

The wristband and a stop-watch allow you to determine at a glance if your are ahead or behind your goal pace.


  1. Enter the goal distance and time in the form below
  2. A table listing your elapse times at various mile/km markers is generated.
  3. Print and cut out the table. You can wear it as a wristband (or tape it to the top tube / aero bars of your bike).
  4. I put a layer of clear tape over the numbers to prevent them from bleeding when wet.
  5. Don't forget to start the stop-watch at the beginning of the race ;-) !!!

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Print elapse time at every Marker

Wristband on a wrist and a bike

Track your pace and split times easily on your wrist or bike.

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